Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A

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  1. Exam Profile: (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).
  2. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  3. The Cissp Prep Guide by Ronald L. Krutz;
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New Releases. Notify me. With the help of more than advanced questions and detailed answers, you'll gain a better understanding of the key concepts associated with the ten domains of the common body of knowledge CBK. Each question is designed to test you on the information you'll need to know in order to pass the exam.

Along with explanations of the answers to these advanced questions, you'll find discussions on some common incorrect responses as well. In addition to serving as an excellent tutorial, this book presents you with the latest developments in information security. It includes new information on: Carnivore, Echelon, and the U. Product details Format Mixed media product pages Dimensions x x Table of contents Acknowledgments.

About the Authors. Chapter 1. Security Management. Chapter 2. Access Control. Chapter 3. Telecommunications and Network Security. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.

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  • 4 Steps of CISSP Certification.
  • CHAPTER 9: Law, Investigation, and Ethics - Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A [Book].
  • Security Architecture and Models. Chapter 6. Operations Security. You may take short breaks, but they are restricted. If you have to use the restroom, you may be escorted.

    Learn What to Study for the ISC² CISSP Examination

    During these breaks, the test time continues to count down and will not pause or stop for you. The exam consists of questions, of which 25 will not be graded, but these are not disclosed ahead of time. The questions are a mix of multiple choice and innovative questions. To answer these, you either drag and drop your choices into the correct location, or click on specific hotspots. Advanced questions measure a wider range of skills and offer greater insight into real-world applications.

    These also measure knowledge at higher cognitive levels, as well as allow for more coverage of content.

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    Each domain is weighted differently and covers a broad range of topics underneath each domain umbrella. Here they are in more detail:. This domain in particular will focus on the basics of security and risk management, such as confidentiality, compliance law, security governance principles, ethics, policies, procedures, and legal issues. Just because they are worth less does not mean they should be discounted.

    This section will cover topics such as ownership, privacy, asset classification, and data security controls. It will cover the elements of how to control access and manage identity. Topics include authentication of identity, cloud identity, and physical and logical assets control. Questions will address topics such as security control testing, assessment strategies, and automated and manual test outputs. It covers a large breadth of information, from basic security operations to incident management. Other topics include disaster recovery, personnel safety, monitoring activities, business continuity planning, and resource protection techniques.

    It will cover the ins and outs of software security.

    Topics include effectiveness, environment security controls, and software security impact. The organization itself has the official textbook, study guide, practice tests, and links to the mobile application versions. It is recommended to spend half of your time studying CISSP materials and the other half on the practice exams. The website also offers interactive flashcards, the exam outline, and access to training seminars. As with any big test, the more time you give yourself to prepare, the better off you will be. Pace yourself; take each domain and master it before moving on to the next section.

    Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

    Use the practice tests to your advantage by testing your knowledge at the end of each section. An above average score for all sections will ensure that you are able to process the material successfully and ultimately apply it on the exam and moving forward in your career. If you know other people who are also taking the exam, it would be a great idea to join a study group. Nothing sets information into the brain better than practicing with others. Repeating the material out loud and testing others will go a long way in reinforcing the concepts for your own benefit.

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    Additionally, if you are struggling with any domain or topic, it is likely that someone else in your group has a firm grasp on it and would be happy to help you. This can save you time and energy that can be spent preparing for your exam. Not only does the certification equip you for the evolving challenges of IT security, but it can also help you explore avenues of career opportunity.

    With your renewed knowledge of the CISSP, study tactics, and resources, you will emerge more prepared to earn your certification and help shape a safe future for the IT industry. We're academics. Education is at our core. It drives everything we do.

    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A
    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A
    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A
    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A
    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A
    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A
    Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A Advanced CISSP Prep Guide: Exam Q&A

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