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I wondered briefly if they were having another fight but then I caught the culprit to her grimace. She was holding her arm against her chest gingerly. I grinned. There was nothing menacing about Bella.

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Absolutely nothing. I punched a werewolf in the face. My mouth dropped in surprise and I blinked once. Was she joking? Her glare only turned fiercer. She's not joking! I bit the inside of my cheek but the laughter just couldn't be contained. She hit a werewolf! An actual werewolf! Our little Bella, so small…so frail…so stupidly brave! Edward shot me a contemptuous look as they passed where I was standing, still holding the Jeep up for Rosalie.

Oops , I thought as Bella stopped in her tracks. Jasper told me what he had in store if he won that bet. I grimaced and nudged Rosalie under the car. Thanks , I thought bitterly. Edward is not going to be pleased that she knows…. I'm not going to be pleased if she gives into her thirst. Sorry , I thought toward Edward as he gave me a don't even think about speaking look. His eyes were burning holes through me as his head shook back and forth.

A warning. He couldn't resist giving her something. It was only time…. Bella wasn't having any of that. She was right. I would have told her, just to see the look on her face. At this very moment I was biting back laughter. It was caught in my throat. I knew he'd give in, and he did. Edward sighed. That's a nice way of putting it.

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I bet she…slips up often. But not enough for Jasper to win the bet, I promised myself.

It was probably good that she didn't because Edward would be very upset at my wide grin. Really, really high. Like the whole town of Forks — slaughtered. Edward shot me a keep your mouth shut , look. He's tired of being the weakest link. I guess I could throw in a few extra homicides, if it makes Jasper happy. Oh, don't say that Bella. From inside the house I could hear Jasper chuckle. I frowned.

I really didn't want him to win this bet. Edward glared down at Rosalie's feet. I wondered what she was thinking. Then he pulled Bella closer. In fact, you don't have to worry about it ever, if you don't want to. Here we go again. Bella echoed my sentiments with a groan. Edward's eyes shot toward her wrist and led her into the house. How dare you include me and one of my dresses in this stupid bet?! I quickly set down the Jeep and ran towards the house yelling, "I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! Check out the profile page of your opponent where you can get to know them, write on their wall, and see what teams they like to bet on. Bet on the teams you love and against the teams you hate. If you ever need help, have product ideas or just want a hot tip — feel free to reach out.

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Has your friend been talking smack about your team? Solve it on Wanna.

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Wanna Make A Bet? Wanna Make A Bet?
Wanna Make A Bet? Wanna Make A Bet?
Wanna Make A Bet? Wanna Make A Bet?
Wanna Make A Bet? Wanna Make A Bet?
Wanna Make A Bet? Wanna Make A Bet?

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